Jumping Off Bridges (a YA novel, currently seeking representation)

A Startling Lack of Color (a middle-grade novel, first draft, on its way to being a YA)

Fire, Lights, and Sleepless Nights (a YA novel, co-written with Holly Cagney, currently seeking representation)

Frenetic Connections (a YA novel, co-written with Holly Cagney, outlining/pre-writing)

Untitled Sci-fi Project with Drew Stutsman (no idea about length just yet...)

Various Short Stories (currently in stages of revision and submissions)

Possible Projects:
  • Animated Shorts Based on the Poems of Liz Kay
  • Art for the remaining parts of The ABCs of Dinkology by A.E. Stueve
  • Space Bird Video Game
  • Yeti Video Game
  • Fantasy Novel Series with Aaron Bock